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Disembark: The USS logistics professionals plan and execute a timely and organized method to move your student out of the halls. We use our same move-in knowledge to assist and encouage students to move-out on schedule, so you can begin turn.


We offer a variety of Move-Out services: 

  1. Summer Storage: Our proven summer storage program is a huge help to students traveling far. We offer free pick up and delivery and you get 10% of all revenue. 
  2. Ship-To-Home: In conjuction with our summer storage service, students can choose to ship items home. We offer free pick up at the student’s room for the ultimate convenience. 
  3. Turn Assistance: Need some extra help with turn, we can help! We can bring labor and equipment on campus to help you get your buildings turned faster. No job is too big or small.
  4. Donation Collection: In conjunction with Disembark, we can collect items that students no longer want and deliver them to your selected charity. 
Move Out
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