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CruiseShip Move-in®

USS IN 2021:

Students Moved or Stored
Boxes Moved or Stored

With the Cruise Ship Move-In® service, your student's items should be waiting in their room by the time they park the car and arrive at the room. In most cases, 30 minutes or less.

We are the exclusive provider of the university move-in service, Cruise Ship Move-in®. The Cruise Ship Move-in® service by USS earns its name from the experience of taking a cruise and finding that your belongings magically appear in your room shortly after arrival. The original goal of the program was to provide a secure, highly-organized, fully-managed solution that moves volumes of students rapidly and efficiently into their residence halls. Satisfying both the needs of the University and the Residential Life Department while providing students with a positive, comfortable and ultimately more productive initial experience. Our unique service addresses common campus issues including; poor traffic areas, minimal elevator service, poor hall access, construction in the area, and a new hall opening.

We help ease the stress of move-in day for all, in addition to these benefits:

  • Creates a powerful first impression
  • The ultimate customer service experience
  • Incredible value added service
  • Excellent traffic solution
  • Perfect for new residence hall openings

The USS Cruise Ship Model is a move in process created and developed by USS originally for Arizona State University in 2009.  Since then, It has become the standard for large move-in programs across the nation. Join our growing list of clientele and make your move-in extraordinary!

Our move-in services are completely customized to fit your campus, and because the Cruise Ship service may not fit every campus or building, we’ve developed a variety of options.

  1. Assisted Move-in
  2. Assisted Plus Move-in
  3. Express Move-in
  4. Traffic Management

The USS Move-in programs are managed like a military operation. This entire project takes months of coordination and planning to sync the numerous teams and labor groups to work seamlessly. The end result is an extraordinary welcome to campus for your students and their families, not to mention the stress it takes off of your staff.