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The University and Student Services (USS) concept was created by the increasing demands of studentsparents and universities looking to enhance the student living experience. We work alongside our university partners to create custom programs that fit their specific needs, while raising funds for student programs. With each student service purchase, you are contributing back to your local housing community.

The USS menu of student services was developed through surveys and focus groups, to uncover valuable services that save time and help students focus on school. This request was legitimized by the growing number of parents who were now second generation college attendees. They, too, wanted a better experience for their child and realized the important correlation between a good experience during the first year of college and finishing a degree.

USS then came to life through the determination of many University Residence Life and Housing Departments who emphasize the importance of providing a better living and learning environment. To this end, the universities began promoting the benefits of living on campus. They focused on studies identifying that, on average, living on campus correlated to higher GPA’s and that students were more likely to finish in four years had they lived on campus. The end result: to help enhance their on-campus housing environments, the universities needed additional services and amenities. They advertised that these services would only be offered on campus, and they made it easy for the student and parent to sign up and participate. The universities’ challenge was clear: they were looking for ONE company to manage it all.

Thus, USS was formed, and today we service over 130 universities and properties across the nation!

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