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Tulane Water Service – Fall ’22 Semester


Sale price shown valid thru 8/1/2022.

Now you can have fresh, cold water right in your room. Fill your reusable water bottle and reduce your use of plastic. You get one ENERGY STAR® water cooler and pick up your 4 gallon recyclable jugs. One price covers the whole semester.
Protection Plan ($9.95) covers damage to the water cooler. Must select “N/A” for water only plans.


  • Students pick-up their 4gal jugs from the water truck on campus. Per university restriction, we do not deliver water to student rooms.
  • The jugs are recyclable, students do not return these to the water truck on campus!
  • The water service is only available to on-campus students.
  • Service is NOT available in GreenWave.
  • No deposit or monthly fees, see plan options below.
  • The unit dispenses cold and room temperature water.
  • 3 jug plan is the lowest plan we offer.
  • Once you increase your plan, you cannot decrease. We do not suggest a plan increase within the first 60 days of the program.
  • Unused jugs are not refundable.
  • We attempt to deliver prior to student move-in. If equipment is not in the room upon move-in, students are required to pick-up their cooler from the truck on campus.
  • The service can be canceled at anytime. Depending on the time of cancelation, there may be a pro-rated refund.
  • If students move rooms in the middle of the Academic Year or Semester, they are responsible for moving the equipment along with their personal items and updating our office of their new placement. You cannot move the equipment off-campus.


  • You can place an order without knowing your complete housing information by putting a “?” in the room portion.
  • Incomplete housing information may delay the delivery of your equipment. If you miss the window of delivery into the rooms (prior to student move-in), students will be required to pick-up their cooler from the water tuck on campus.


Students are not locked in to pick-up their “monthly” plan amount. They can pick up as many or as little as 1 jug each week. If the student picks up their allotted plan amount before the Semester ends, they can still pick-up jugs from the water truck and the card on file will be charged $13 per jug.

3 jug plan = 12 jugs per Semester

4 jug plan = 16 jugs per Semester

5 jug plan = 20 jugs per Semester


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USS is the only university approved water service provider for Tulane University housing residents.

We recommend you start with the 3 jug/month plan (most popular) and increase/decrease after 60-90 days of service.

*water cooler details may vary
*water delivery vendor may vary per university

Service terms and conditions, and insurance details


Tulane University


2 jugs/month (8/semester), 3 jugs/month (12/semester), 4 jugs/month (16/semester), 5 jugs/month (20/semester), 3 jugs/month WATER ONLY, 4 jugs/month WATER ONLY, 5 jugs/month WATER ONLY


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