University and Student Services


This fee is for handling only. It does not include the shipping fees you will pay FedEx.

Upon move-out, you can ship some items home along with storing some items. $15 handling fee includes the 12x12x18 shipping box (supply only) and transportation to FedEx.

  1. Pick up the specific Ship-To-Home boxes (12x12x18) at the Box Tent
  2. Pack your items for shipping
  3. Get your shipping labels by registering with FedEx HERE.
    All boxes must have FedEx shipping labels prior to pick-up/drop-off of the boxes. We will not transport any unlabeled boxes to FedEx. 
  4. If you are registered with our Summer Storage Program, we will pick up your FedEx labeled boxes along with your storage items.
  5. If you are only needing shipping services and do not need storage, you are not eligible for a pick-up date and time. You will be required to bring your packages to the Box Tent on campus.