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Laundry Service – Semester


Don’t waste time doing laundry – we wash, dry and fold it for you to pick-up 3 days later.  Just throw it all in your free USS bag.

Order by 8/1 for $20 off! Sale price shown valid thru 8/1/2021.


  • Laundry is a weekly service.
  • Pick-up and Drop-offs will be on Monday and Thursdays.
  • USS assumes all items that are dropped off can be washed and dried together.
  • Please do not put dry cleaning items in the bag, we do not dry clean items.
  • Laundry is cleaned on cold and tumble dried.
  • Students can drop off dirty laundry ONCE a week in their 20lb laundry bag that USS provides.


USS Laundry bags will be ready for pick up at either UPS location (711 E. Lemon St. or 510. E University Dr.) by August 5th, 2021!

  • Pick-up and Drop-offs will be on Monday and Thursdays from 9am-5pm.
  • Locations are as follows:
    • UPS: 711 E. Lemon St.
    • UPS: 510 E. University Dr.
  • Dirty laundry should be dropped off prior to 2pm. *If you drop off laundry after 2pm, your laundry will not be picked up for cleaning until the following scheduled day.
  • Clean laundry is available for pick-up the following date after 2pm. *If you go to pick-up your clean laundry prior to 2pm, it will not be available.
  • Your laundry will always be at the same location you dropped off at.
  • Arizona State Fall 2021 Laundry Drop-Off Schedule


USS Laundry bags will be available to pick up at the one of the 3 halls, Arbol De La Vida, Graham-Greenlee and Manzanita-Mohave by August 9th, 2021!


Service Terms and Conditions


How it Works:

  1. Order the service
  2. Pick up your bag (see locations on schedule above)
  3. Fill in your name, hall, and room number on the bag tag
  4. Drop off your 20lb bag once a week
  5. Pick up your clean laundry 3 days later

*USS assumes that all items in the bag are washable, USS is not responsible for damaged clothing
*Make sure the bag can close, bags that cannot close will not be picked up
*Do not put dry cleaning items in the bag

Service terms and conditions details


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