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Dormify x USS Ship-To

USS and Dormify Exclusive Partnership

Orders with incomplete housing information are not guaranteed to be in the room prior to move-in


  1.  Add the product to your cart. It’s $49 per order, not per package.
  2. Order from Dormify and use our shipping address at check-out on their website.
  3. Once we receive your package(s), you will be emailed a PDF inventory ticket showing each tracking number. This is sent to both emails on file.
  4. Once your package(s) are delivered into your room, we will send you a delivery receipt via PDF to both emails on file.
  5. Move-in, unpack and enjoy the Semester!

Out of stock

Thursday, June 9th – Friday, July 22nd We email the shipping address.
Thursday, June 9th – Friday, July 29th Package receiving window (make sure to order from Dormify ASAP!)
Friday, July 22nd Online ordering closes
Friday, July 29th Deadline to receive packages
  • This service is NOT available for students living in off campus housing.
  • This service is your orders directly from Dormify only! Boxes from 3rd party vendors such as, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Amazon, etc. will not be accepted!
  • USS is not responsible for any damage during the shipping process.
  • Deliveries prior to move-in will coincide with Rush Weekend!
  • Caution– If we don’t receive your items by the above date, you run the risk of your boxes being rejected/returned to sender.


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