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College Student Property Insurance

Protection for a college student’s stuff.

Do you rely on your phone or laptop? Would you need a replacement ASAP if something happened to it? iPhone cracked screen repairs can cost $279 out-of-pocket. Repairing your laptop after a coffee spill could set you back hundreds of dollars. Property insurance can cover incidents like these. With NSSI, you can worry less, save on unexpected costs and focus on your education.

Policy as low as $6/month!


Personal property coverage specially designed for college students.

Even small incidents can quickly add up. Think about having to replace your TV, furniture, laptop, and small appliances if a disaster happened. Insure your belongings from damage and theft. Whether your stuff is in your dorm room or with you on the go, have peace of mind with unlimited claims. NSSI is a partner of USS. All inquires and purchases must be made through NSSI at the above “Sign Up Now” link.

Student Property Insurance